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Advertisement, Announcement and Diagrams


Advertisement, Announcement and Diagrams – Basic Competence: Responding to the meanings in formal and informal short functional texts (e.g. banner, poster, and pamphlet) by using an accurate, fluent, and acceptable language choice in daily life and academic contexts.

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This lesson will describe about the use and the way to comprehend meanings in short functional texts—both formal and informal—particularly advertisements, announcements, and diagrams.


According to dictionaries, an advertisement can be described as a public notice, especially in print; it is something that is shown or presented to the public to help sell a product or to make an announcement.

An advertisement does really need to stand out of the crowd, the idea itself has to be really out of the box, something that is unusually good, something that makes people talk about it or at least make them look at it again. There is a saying which goes like this: “there’s no second chance at making a good first impression”. If an advertisement is not able to catch people’s attention at even a glance, they are considered failed. That is why the creative ideas and the use of pictures are important.

As the competition becomes fiercer, the role of advertisements in many aspects these days is becoming more and more important, especially in the industrial world. An advertisement is one of the ways to promote a product or services being advertised. There are many kinds of media that can be used to put on an advertisement, such as newspaper, magazine, and television. Nowadays, the internet social media has become an important site to advertise the products and services, even in only 140 characters!

On reading and understanding an advertisement, you should be aware of what kind of products it offers, and also the specific information such as how to get it. Look at the example of an advertisement below:


An announcement is a public or formal notice announcing something; generally, it contains some products or events. It is usually a notice made for public to be spread. There are many kinds of announcement texts that we can find in daily life contexts. For example, you can find billboards, banners, or brochures informing about some products or services. This announcement is able to take form both in written and speech.
In an announcement text, you should be able to identify what notice is being announced. Pay attention to the aim and the goal of it. Study the announcement text below.


There are many kinds of diagram that you can find, to name but a few: Venn diagram, plot diagram, pie chart, and bar chart. In all those mentioned earlier, you probably will meet some signs or numbers representing something. In reading those data presented, you have to understand what the signs or numbers really mean. For example, study the diagram showed below:


Some important things to note about regarding these kinds of texts are:

  • First, try to comprehend the text by understanding the context.
  • Second, notice the aim and goal of the diagram itself.
  • Finally, look for the detailed information given.
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