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Explanation Text about Natural Phenomena


Explanation Text about Natural Phenomena – Basic Competence: Responding to the meanings and rhetorical ways in an essay by using an accurate, fluent, and acceptable writing style in daily social contexts in forms of: narrative, spoof, and hortatory exposition.

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You will learn more about the explanation text, especially the ones related with natural phenomena in this lesson. Moreover, you will learn to comprehend the messages conveyed in the text.


As you have probably learned earlier, an explanation text is a kind of text that aims to describe how something happens or why it is made. An explanation text actually is almost the same as procedure text; but there are essential differences between those two. For starters, the purpose of those kinds of text: the explanation text tends to explain, while the procedure text is intended to show the way of how to make something.

Moreover, an explanation text provides you the information about some issues that are interesting or important for people to know about. In general, the aim of an explanation text is to explain how something forms or why that happens; it explains the sequence, cause, or theoretical understanding of a phenomenon or an event. Thus, the text will cover the answer of “how” or “why” relating to the topic being discussed. An explanation text is organized with the generic structure of a general statement and a sequence of explanations, alongside the closing.
There are diverse topics that an explanation text can cover. Usually, it covers the topics related to science, phenomena, and also social, for instance about why certain social phenomena happen, how to conduct an experiment, or how natural phenomena occur.

Here are some common elaborations in an explanation text:

  • Sequential explanation: This describes the stages of an event such as the sequence from cocoon to butterfly.
  • Causal explanation: This describes what causes the change from one stage to the next such as why earthquakes occur.
  • Theoretical explanation: This describes the possible phenomena behind a natural or created process.


As shown above, an explanation text, particularly the ones that explain natural phenomena, is the kind of text that tells the reader about the reasons and the process of something natural happening. The generic structure is the same as other kinds of explanation text, which are general statements, sequenced explanation, and also closing.

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