Expressing Prevention

Expressing Prevention – Basic competence: Responding to the transactional (to get things done), interpersonal, and sustained conversation accurately and clearly by using expressions of prevention.


In this lesson, you will learn some useful daily conversation, understand, and how to use expressions of prevention.
There are many kinds of expressions in every language, for sure. There are many useful expressions that someone can use every day.

Using English as a communication tool also requires a speaker, whether you are an English native speaker or students who learn English as a foreign language, to use various language expressions. For instance, the expressions of agreement, regret, and prevention. You may have learned most of them in your school, you may have heard those in movies or songs, or perhaps you may have used the expressions to communicate with your friends of families.

The language expressions that we are going to learn in this lesson is, the expressions of prevention. Expressions of prevention are used for preventing, stopping something to happen or someone from doing something or going somewhere. Preventing means anticipating. Although it may sound strict to teenagers, anticipating or preventing something unwanted to happen is just a matter of being cautious or careful. Take for an example, the traffic rules that are intended to prevent accident, such as wearing helmet when riding motorcycle and buckle up when driving.

People, especially in English-speaking environment, are very familiar with these expressions, especially children. Children have been exposed to these since they are little kids. Take for instance, when their parents always say, “be careful” in many kinds of situation. They also have heard these expressions at school where many rules are applied, for example, it is forbidden to bring any dangerous stuff such as knives or chain.

There are some useful expressions to express about prevention, such as:
• You can’t .…
• You mustn’t ….
• You’d better not .…

Look at the example of using the expressions of prevention on the dialogue below:
Bagas : Andi, have you prepared for the test tomorrow?
Andi : No, I haven’t. Perhaps I’ll copy someone’s answers in the test.
Bagas : You mustn’t do that! That’s not a right thing to do.
Andi : But I don’t have any time to study.
Bagas : You’d better not try to cheat. Study now, there is still time to prepare.

In the dialogue above, you can see some expressions of prevention when Bagas try to prevent Andi to cheat on the test. In doing so, he said “you mustn’t…” and “you’d better not…”. There are some other expressions of prevention you can use:
* You’re not supposed to…
* I don’t think you should…

Too see the use of the expressions mentioned above, study the dialogue below:
Sarah : I think I need to skip school today.
Risa : I don’t really think you should do that without any reasons.

Do You Understand?

We also can find the expressions of prevention in many other places in any other forms, such as in products’ advices, television advertisements, campaigns, posters, and signs. Look at the sign below.

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image source: personal property

Key Points

Here, you have learned about the expressions of prevention. There are several things you should note about:
* Expressions of prevention are used in many kinds of situation in daily life; spoken and written.
* It is used especially to prevent something bad from happening.
* Examples of spoken prevention are advice and warning.
* Advice is a soft prevention because it includes persuasive and encouraging manner. Somehow, this type of prevention leaves some room to the person who are persuaded or encouraged to make her/ his own decision. Of course, there will be consequences to the decision made.
* Warning and prohibition are stricter. These usually apply to rules and regulation and doesn’t leave some space for bargaining or for individual consideration.

* Examples of written prevention can be in forms of ads, posters, signs, etc.

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